Stephen_Mandel.jpgStephen Mandel

Mayor of Edmonton, 2004-2013

"It's refreshing to see Ahmed running for school board trustee. Not only is Ahmed experienced and charismatic, he is a person who leads by example. Ahmed will bring a diverse and artistic perspective that will greatly improve the efficacy of the school board. I am confident Ahmed will be a remarkable trustee who will build relationships between the school board and the communities he serves." 







Tymmarah Sheculski

Diversity and Inclusion Specialist

"Ahmed has spoken at a number of events I have hosted related to making communities more welcoming and inclusive. He is someone who reaches across cultures, generations, gender identities and sexual orientations. Equity is very important to him.

Shortly after his daughter was born in 2016, he was a keynote speaker at the Fostering Diverse Communities Conference in Red Deer. He spoke about the importance of books, reading, education, and knowledge. This he learned from his father and would pass onto his children. The attendees were amazed – they loved him (they truly love him) and they wanted more. It is not a surprise to see that Ahmed is running to be a School District Trustee. Lucky you, Edmonton."




Dr. Kim Solez

University of Alberta Professor, Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

"As a university professor who teaches a course on technology and the future of medicine dealing with artificial intelligence and regenerative medicine, I am very different from most of the people attending Ahmed’s Tuesday night poetry readings. Ahmed has made me feel welcome from the beginning and has encouraged my poetry about technology and other unusual subjects. As a consequence of his enlightened community leadership and embrace of diversity, I have made strong friendships among the other poets who attend, and poetry has become an increasingly important part of both my professional and personal life.

His organizational and leadership skills are remarkable. The effects he has on others go beyond charisma, and have considerable elements of healing, selflessness, and bringing people together in the best interests of all. I think he is exactly what the school board needs!"



Rawda Baharun

University Student

"From the moment I heard him speak, I knew Ahmed Knowmadic Ali was a remarkably intelligent and inspiring individual who would change people’s lives in a good way. His words about his life’s experiences touched me – the honesty, the passion; the overcoming of difficulties that life had thrown his way."







Andrew Gersham Parker

Professional Basketball Player & Teacher, Edmonton Public School Board

"Ahmed Knowmadic...a true gentleman, scholar and man of the people. I met Ahmed during our time as youths in North Edmonton: both fervent teenage fans of basketball, frequently spotted on the outdoor basketball scene in the city of champions. Two competitors, with a passion and love for the game that often times seemed exceedingly precise and potent. As two members of the black community, young and ambitious, it was inevitable that our level of respect would allow us to mutually support each other and gravitate towards each other's’ goals.

Over the years, I've been an avid fan and supporter of Ahmed's spoken word poetry, and he has equally supported my career as a professional athlete and coach. Paramount to our respect for one another in the artistic and athletic sense, I've been fortunate to appreciate his community initiatives in Edmonton's public schools. Today, I confidently and proudly call Ahmed a friend and colleague in Edmonton's public school system. Ahmed has transcended all of the qualities necessary to help change and enrich the fruitfulness of the Edmonton public school board. He's got my vote, and deserves the support of the community."